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Translation_Kaneuchi Toma and Watanabe Reiya Duet 08/2011 [28 Aug 2011|01:12am]

another translation of Kaneuchi and Watanabe from Duet 08/2011

translation credit to juniority

Duet 08/2011Collapse )
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Translation _Kotaki Nozomu Popolo 09/2011 [28 Aug 2011|01:06am]

Here is the part of Kotaki Nozomu "Nonchan" xd
Popolo 09/2011

translation credit to juniority

NozomuCollapse )
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Translation of 'Watanabe Reiya's Duet and Potato Sep 2011 issue [22 Aug 2011|11:02am]


My freind juniority translated Watanabe Reiya's parts of Wink Up and Potato Sep 2011 issue

Wink Up

Reiya's Wink UpCollapse )

Reiya's PotatoCollapse )

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Shonen club (Feb 2011 ) [08 Apr 2011|03:56am]

I downloaded the Hq video of the Feb 11th episode <33 I like this episode ~~*

I took some caps of the episode and I have notices too~~

Moreeeeee~~Collapse )

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Hip Hop JUMP ( DUET 4-2011) [03 Apr 2011|01:11am]

Translation of Hip Hop JUMP Parts of  DUET 4-2011
the translation is credit to my freind [info]juniority 
cute boys talking about graduation and stuff

 HHJCollapse )

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the H!S!B at YYJumping 2010/12/18 [22 Dec 2010|12:42am]

I watched the perfrmance of the BEST. but I think it was not very interesting this time? I dunno why? T-T
they get tired or bored? they performance was cold and slow T-T

JUMP !!!Collapse )
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HSJ Arigato ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~ -MP3 ripped- [01 Dec 2010|02:12am]


back again with another thing to share
because I'm crazy of the new JUMP's song Arigato ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~

I want to share the MP3 ripped of School Kakumei and YYjumping  .

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H!S!J performance at Heyx3 [30 Nov 2010|03:26am]
[ mood | surprised ]

I watched teh performance of the Hey!Say!Jump at Heyx3
It was so amazing ,not only the group's members have grown their skills too
I'm addicted to the song now , I can't stop watching it xxD

We are JUMPCollapse )

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Jr's- profile- [13 Nov 2010|12:00am]

Jrs prfile from Takichannel 
part -2- . after the updates at the site.

Name > DOB > Blood type>admired Sempai


Yamamoto Ryota>Nov14-1989>A>Kawai Fumito
Hayashi Shota>Feb8-1990>A>Domoto Koichi
Eda Tsuyoshi>Oct24-1987>A>Domoto Koichi
Takahashi Ryu>Aug21-1991>O>Nakai Masahiro


Akiyama Taiga>Jan1-1992>A>Shounentai,Aiba Masaki
Tomioka Kento>Jul8-1992>A>Nishikiori Kazukiyo>Domoto Koichi
Imai Ryusei>Jul29-1990>B> none ?
Yamashita Taku,i>Nov1991>O>Ikuta Toma
Inaba Hikaru>Oct17-1990>O>Arashi

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Back again [12 Nov 2010|11:29pm]

I'm back again .

Thanks  so much for the sweet messages ^_-

-I watched the NYC's episode from the music station . what I noticed ..

- the boys have grown especially Yuma and I feel that  he lose some of his weight
He looks so thin.

about jrCollapse )

Finaly I love the Yumachii couple <3
I love how chinen staring and Yuma smiley face so cute naah.
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Johnny's Jr [ profiles] [11 Aug 2010|01:29am]
[ mood | working ]

Name > DOB > Blood type>admired Sempai

Kis - My - Ft2

Kitayama Hitomitsu > 1985-09-17>A+>Takizawa Hideaki , Kazukiyo Nishikiori
Fujigaya Taisuke>1987-06-25>AB>Takizawa Hideaki,Sakurai Sho
Tamamori Yuta > 1990-03-17>B+>Yamashita Tomohisa
Senga Kento >1991-03-23>AB>Sakurai Sho
Yoko Wataru >1986-05-16>A+>Ninomiya Kazunari,Domoto Tsuyoshi
Miyata Toshiya > 1988-09-14>A+>Takizawa HIdeaki
Nikaido Takashi > 1990-08-06>B>Kusanagi Tsuyoshi


Goseki Koichi>1985-06-17>A>Takizawa Hideaki
Totsuka Shota >1986-11-13>B>Domoto Tsuyoshi
Tsukada Ryochi>1986-12-10>O+>Shonentai-Takizawa Hideaki
Fumito Kawai>1987-10-20>A> Kazukiyo Nishikiori,Kimura Takuya,Matsumoto Jun
Hashimoto Ryosuke>1993-07-15>B>Shibatoni Subaru


Nakajima Kento >1994-03-13>A+>Akanishi Jin , Yamada Ryosuke
Kikuchi Fuma>1995-03-07-A+>Sakurai Sho
Matsumura Hokotu > 1995-06-18>B+>Yamashita Tomohisa
Yogu Kochi > 1994-03-08>A+> Masaki Aiba,Kamenashi Kazuya

Mis Snow Man

Sanada Yuma >1992-11-21>O+>Takizawa Hideaki
Nozawa Yuki>1992-12-30>O+>Miyake Ken
Fukasawa Tatsuya>1992-05-05>B+>Takizawa Hideaki,Fumito Kawai
Miyadate Ryota > 1993-03-25>A+>Takizawa Hideaki , Kamenashi Kazuya
Sakuma Daisuke>1992-07-05>O+>Matsumoto Jun,Yamamoto Ryota
WatanabeShota>1992-11-05>B+>Takizawa Hideaki,Yamashita Tomohisa
Iwamoto Hikaru>1993-05-17>A+>Yara Tomoyuki,Tatsumi Yudai
Abe Ryuhei > 1993-11-27>AB>Sakurai Sho

Hiphop JUMP

Tanaka Juri > 1995-06-15 >B+>KAT-TUN
Hagiya Keigo >1996-11-07>O+>Kimura Takuya
Moroboshi Shoki >1994-10-13>A+>Akanishi Jin
Louis Jesse>1996-06-11>??> Tegoshi Yuya
Murata Rikito >1995-07-09>O+> Takizawa Hideaki,Kitayama Hiromitsu
Kadoi Kento >1997-01-01>O+>Sakurai Sho

Morimoto Shintaro W / Snow Prince Gasshoudan

Morimoto Shintaro >1997-07-15>A+>Takizawa Hideaki
Kishimoto Shintaro>1996-09-06>A+>Yamashita Tomohisa
Otsuka Yuya>1997-10-11>O+>Yamada Ryosuke
Nakamura Reiya>1997-04-02>A+>Tegoshi Yuya
Kurita Kei>1997-04-09>AB>Katori Shingo
Haba Yuki>2000-07-05>O+>Skurai Sho
Okada Aoi>2000-01-12>B+>Tsukada Ryochi
Hashimoto Ryo>2000-10-30>Kamenashi Kazuya
Inou Mizuki>2000-10-31>AB>Takizawa Hideaki,Nakayama Yuma
Aoi Chino>2001-10-07>A+>Takizawa Hideaki


Kirayama Akito > 1989-08-31>A+>Yasuda Shota,Nagase Tomoya
Nakama Junta>1987-10-21>O+>Domoto Koichi,Yokoyama Yu,Okada Junichi


Nakata Daichi > 1989-11-22>B>Murakami Shingo
Hamada Takahiro>1988-12-19>AB>Maruyama Ryohei


Muro Tatsuki > 1987-12-28 > B >Shibatoni Subaru,Masaki Aiba
Masahiro Kikuoka>1985-04-29>O+>Nishikido Ryo
Masashi Ito >1984-10-14>A>Yokoyama Yu
Hamanaka Bunichi > 1987-10-05>Yara Tomoyuki
Muro Ryota > 1989-05-26>Nishikido Ryo
Yamasaki Kunta>1991-04-24>Tanaka Koki

Hey!Say!7 West

Kamiyama Tomohiro >1993-07-01>A+>ninomiya Kazunari ,nishikido Ryo
Shigeoka Daiki >1992-08-26>A+>Maruyama Ryohei,Imai Tsubasa
Fujii Ryusei >1993-08-18>B> Okura Tadayoshi,Kimura Takuya
Takemoto Shinpei>1993-09-16>B>Yamashita Tomohisa,Maruyama Ryohei
Shingaki Yuto >1995-07-10> A+ > Domoto Koichi
Kotaki Nozomu > 1996-07-30 > O+ > Yamada Ryosuke,Yokoyama Yu

Other Jrs:

Anderson Casey:1995-01-15>B>KAT-TUN
Yasui Kntaro > 1991-07-21>A+>KAT-TUN
Kyomoto Taiga >1994-12-03>B+>Yamashita Tomohisa,Tegoshi Yuya
Takada Sho,1993-09-14>AB>Domoto Tsuyoshi,Kamenashi Kazuya
Masuda Ryo-1993-09-26>B>Nakamaru Yuichi,Fujigaya Taisuke

almost all the Info from:: TakiCHANnel

I will be add more once I find more updat .


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Happy Birthday !!!~~~ [31 Jul 2010|11:23am]
This summer !!
many things happen in Summer , I might be busy but it was Kotako's birthday the 30 of JULY ~~ Woooh


You are my sweet baby ~~ I love You

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J.Gaku >>My report << [01 Jun 2010|10:42pm]

Hey !! :))

I watched the last episode of wednesday .the episode was exciting ,,they creat amazing idea of the episode ..
Hayashi !! OHH  What a wicked .both Yukito and Fujiwara was kawaii
the end of the episode was unexpected!! Hontunii!! I think who gonna watch it will enjoy the episode .
the 4 was COOL :))

OHHHMMG @-@ his face is frightening
but kakoii as the same time :)) hahaa
but I wonder why his nose so big and tall? not like the other japanese ? xxD His lips looks cute *--*

Goku @-@ HE CHANGED OOOOH !!!!! I can't believe HOUNTO!!
I like his hair style . YUKITO KAWAIII ^__^ his smile :pretty: DD (KISSES)

Hahah they were talking about Hamada in back of him loool but Hamada inside the locker :))
Fujiwara like a DUCK! neee :DD Yukito's hair cute and his face like a baby
fujiwara looks gentle nee :)) in the back Goku HOT ! he is not  a little kid  now he is a MAN haha
he has a gentle role not an evil like Hayashi haha.

Kawaii parts ^^! Yukito and Fuji's smile ~~Weee~ Hamada looks cool too~~ OwwwW Hayashi !! HoT
I dunoo but I feel he is like foreign ^^'


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[ mood | touched ]

Hey everyone

after few days the 9th of May .Actually it's a very special day for me

The prince Ryosuke was born in this day
it's his 17th BIRTHDAY

Yamada's fans let's wishes for him a Happy Birthday

he grew up yo! He's super hot
but still need to gain more height xxD ahaha

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Kawashima Noeru -- WU 2008.01 [ Profile part only ] [21 Apr 2010|01:36am]

Hi all !

my first time to do translation . its a small part so it easy to do.
i'm not good at Japanese . just  self-study xxD

Note -- correct if i have any mistake to improve next time.

Kawashima Noeru

DOB: November 22-1994
Nickname: Noeru
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Tokyo
Heigh: 155 cm . weight: 39 kg
foot size: 25.5 cm
strong point: full of energy
weak point: impatient
Hobbies: running
talent: Jazz dance
favorite food: Ramen
non-favorite food: nothing
favorite color: yellow
favorite sport: soccer
favorite subject: Math
non-favorite subject: English
favorite animal: cat
reason to join the agency: because they have a great hard -working people
admired senior: Takizawa Hideaki
favorite type of girl: who can do exercies
- I have just entered , I will do my best in dancing so please support me !

OwWw! he was such a cute small  kid . I like his dancing .he is one of my favorite

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YAMAchan the short Jump's member ? [20 Apr 2010|01:24am]

Do you think YAMAchan will be the shorter ?

lookt at these two photo from the last shonen club .

Yuri was the shorter but now he seem to be the same as yamada or just a little difference between them .
so there is a big chance to be Yamada the shorter xxD ~NOOO~
look at Ryutaro he is very tall now and he is the younger .
Plaaaaayz Yamachan grow up you will turn 17 soon .

at this photo you can see the two of them as the same high
AWW~ YUMA is the tallest here and he is the youngest .

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